social media timeline

What is Social media about??? It’s a good question. Each time my friend ask me what course are you studying about for your master degree? After I answered I’m studying MA in social media in Salford University. And then another question is coming, that is what Social media is, even though they were studied Journalism or media management when they were in university. Seems that there are a lot of people have no any basic impression about social media in their minds. So now I am willing to write about what social media is about also can improve me.

Social media is designed to be spread through social interaction, and created publishing techniques which can be used accessible and scalable. The characteristic of Social media is it can excite others to repeat. And everyone will use it and talk about it in our daily life, such as Facebook. Also with ‘sharing’, syndication, or search algorithm technologies (includes internet and mobile devices) they’re the main parts in the Social media.

When the social media is beginning? Its beginning is following by the development of the technology. And in July of 2006, the use of the term “social media” has risen steadily. And also these kinds of media are not published by the reporters, editors or other media organisations. It’s published by everyone in the world. You can see these happen after the blog is came to our daily life.