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Rosie’s Bakery is a bakery with five locations, it serves cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and much more. They provide catering and online ordering to the Boston area. Everything that comes out of Rosie’s bakery is made by hand by a baker who has been trained the Rosie's way.
Please give me your initial reactions to this page. Feel free to explore this page as you normally would. You can scroll around with your mouse, but please don't click on anything just yet.

Usability Test questions

• Basic page questions

1.Without clicking on anything yet, please describe the options you see on the home page and what you think they do.

2.Without clicking on anything yet, if you were exploring, what would you click on first?

3.Please give me your initial impressions about the layout of this page and what you think of the colors, graphics, photos, etc.

4.Whose Web site is this?

5.What do you think is the purpose of this site?

6.Who do you think this site is intended for?
7.What are your overall impressions of the Web site?
8.If you had to give the site a grade, from A to F, where A was exemplary and F was failing, what grade would you give it, and why?
9. Name three words or characteristics that describe this Web site.
10. If you could make one significant change to this Web site, what change would you make?

• Navigation questions

1.What do you think you would find under the “locations” link in the navigation bar?

2.Do you think a tab should be omitted from the navigation bar? If so, which one?

3.Do you know what page you’re own without looking at the content?

4.Does the navigation fit with the rest of the page?

• Form questions

1.How would you get to the “sign-up” screen from a regular page?

2.Do you think that the form is a reasonable length?

3.Are there any fields that are unclear to you?

Concluding Remarks

Thank you for your participation. All of yourfeedbck is very important to me. I will use all of your remarks to better this site. Feel free to leave any comments in the box below thanks

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