1 page write up for imd220

The target audience of my jump page is mainly for the teacher and the classmates of my user centered interface design class, or anyone that might need to access my Imd 220 class material. When coming to my Imd220 jump page you can retrieve my class information, my logo, a url to my class blog, and all of my assignments that have links to separate pages. This site was not necessarily designed for business purposes but if I needed I could use this jump page to show on a basic portfolio or to quickly show to a potential client. My brand overall consist of simplicity and a good flow. I put things in a place for a reason; every site that I make is light and easy to browse, not much complexity, very sleek and modern. I really like to keep things basic without much clutter or extra irrelevant items. I prefer to use calm colors, like light pink, light blue, beiges, and whites. This is just “my” style; I definitely don’t have a problem with fulfilling another person’s preferences. Give the client what they want!